General benefits

No matter where you place the Mantra-Lamp, it will spread a harmonious and peaceful energy. Through the movement of the mantras their energy will fill the whole room. Viewing the lamp has a very pacifying effect on the mind and fills us with joy. As  meditation aids it is very helpful in developing clear and radiant visualisations.

Light Offering

When you switch on the lamp and recite three times the syllables OM AH HUM, then the light transforms into an offering to the depicted Buddha. The Buddha represents the state of the enlightened mind and offering light to a Buddha image creates a strong connection and the causes for us to develop the desirable qualities of a Buddha within ourselves. 

In the sutra ‚Tune of Brahma’ one finds ten points, which describe the karmic advantages that such actions bear. We can summarise them as follows: One generates the causes for a good rebirth and one reduces ignorance and promotes a quick spiritual development. Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha (500 B.C.) himself explained, that each offering, which is made to his image, bears the same karmic advantages than an offering, which was made to him personally while still alive. 

When I travelled to Tibet together with Lama Zopa Rinpoche in summer 2002, he stressed that it would be very beneficial to place a Buddha image next to each lamp in one’s home, so that every switching on of a light automatically turns into a favourable karmic action.

Prayer Wheels 

Prayer wheels are being used wherever the tibetan Mahayana or Vajrayana Buddhism is being practised. 

There are earth, water, fire and wind prayer wheels. The heat of a candle or a bulb is moving the fire prayer wheels. The light, which radiates out from the prayer wheel purifies the minds of all beings that it touches. The positive energy fills the room and transforms the place into something peaceful and friendly — helpful for developing the mind. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains that every big or small prayer wheel can be used by sick people for healing. The method is very easy and meaningful. 


Here is a short explanation how the prayer wheel can be used for healing meditation. 

Sit down near the Mantra-Lamp in a comfortable posture and imagine, that light rays come out of the mantras and fill you with bright light. Your body gets filled with this warm and healing light and your diseases and causes of diseases as well as all negative thoughts and mental imprints become completely purified through this light. Then imagine that the light rays continue to expand beyond your room, that they touch all living beings and free them from all their sufferings. While doing this visualisation you can recite the mantra as many times as you like.