What are Mantra-Lamps?



The Mantra-Lamps that we would like to present you, are not goods in a conventional sense. They display Buddha-images and buddhist mantras (short prayers).

The base for each lamp is square. On two opposite sides you find two identical Buddha-images. On the other two sides you see the corresponding mandalas. Above the lamp, on the tip of a needle, turns utterly quiet a cylinder with the corresponding mantra for each Buddha-image in a clockwise direction.

From a buddhist point of view holy objects like mandalas and Buddha-images have a strong healing power. They enable everyone, whether human or animal, to create the causes for peace and happiness in a simple and effective way. Whether one sees the lamps as an attractive decoration or one uses them for meditative practices – they have a strong positive impact on the subconsciousness just by regarding them and through the movement of the mantras.

Mantra-lamps can also simply be seen as decorative pieces of artwork and you can put them up just because you like them. On this website you can however also get an overview of their deeper meaning and their benefits. Mantra-lamps are a combination of prayer-wheel and light offering.

The inspiration to design the Mantra-Lamps stems from a pilgrimage to Tibet under the guidance of Lama Zopa Rinpoche.