Why are Mantra-lamps are given away by donation only? Basically one should not sell Holy Objects for commercial reasons.

The suggested donation will be used to cover the material-costs and an allowance for the manufacturing. Your donation will be completely used for spiritual projects, for example monasteries, the building of statues and stupas or support for long-term meditators.

Donation for each lamp: 120 Euro/180 Swiss Franks

Please select the preferred model and let us know at if you would like the smaller or the larger version. The larger lamp measures 31 x 20 centimeters and the smaller one 25 x 14 centimeters.

Shipping and handling:

Germany: 7 Euro / 10 US$

Europe: 9 Euro / 13 US$

World-wide: 14 Euro / 20 US$

Please add the transport costs to your donation. Insurance for shipping is not included.


Options for money transfer


By cheque/bank draft/
money order

Send to:
Susanne Rechsteiner
Grimmelshausenstr. 11
D-77704 Oberkirch



Bank transfer

Susanne Rechsteiner
Grimmelshausenstr. 11
D-77704 Oberkirch

Raiffeisenbank Heiden
Account number 30312.95
Clearing number 81012





Post Bank Deposit
(Switzerland only)

Susanne Rechsteiner
Grimmelshausenstr. 11
77704 Oberkirch
Raiffeisenbank Heiden
9410 Heiden
PC Konto 90-9682-9







Credit card payment


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